8 Week Guide To Working Out At Home

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8 Week Guide To Working Out At Home


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 8 week guide to working out at home!

Do you love the idea of being able to workout in the comfort of your own home? 

Maybe you don’t have time for the gym or the money to invest in home gym equipment? 

I’ve got you covered! This easy to follow 8 week guide gives you everything you need to know about working out at home!

This easy to follow guide includes - 

- 8 full weeks of exercises for you to try out at home

- A stretching guide to help you stay strong and flexible

- A break down of 2 x 4 week cycles

- Pictures of each exercise with complete descriptions

- The benefits of working with HIIT and interval training and why it’s my chosen go-to method

- How mindfulness can be incorporated into your daily life for impressive results

- Everyday items from your house that you can incorporate into your workouts for more strength building

'My vision for this 8 week guide has always been about how you can incorporate daily movement into your life without the stress of having to go anywhere. It allows you to see how exercise and movement doesn’t have to be a gruelling 1-2 hour workout, it’s about making you feel good in the time you do have. I’ve been incorporating at home workouts into my weekly routine for years now and am so excited to be bringing this to you, so you too can enjoy the benefits of working out from home!’ 

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