For me my health and wellness journey began when I was 16.

I remember being given a book on yoga postures and how different sequences can help throughout the day, or for what mood you might be in. I was hooked! I would sit in my room and read through these pages studying the words and pictures. This book came to me at what was a pretty difficult time in my life, and for me this was my therapy.

And so it began, over the years I would always come back to this book and I felt that’s where I found my true self, in yoga and finding a deeper connection. However I did take a little detour (mmm about 12 years!!) to be exactly where I need to be. In those years I worked in Childcare but also continued to study. First was yoga in 2009 then came Health and wellness coaching and then I decided to become a Personal Trainer because for me all 3 areas have helped me find my freedom and I believe that it doesn’t have to be just one source for you to find yours.

It all depends on what suits you and what your body and soul needs. 

See what clients are saying about Lisa...

"After a period of inactivity due to foot surgery I'd found myself at my lowest level of fitness in a very long time.

I was very keen to turn this around and after several attempts to try and kick start an exercise regime on my own I was fortunate enough to engage Lisa Mitchell from Health Wellness and Freedom to help me on my way.

Lisa devised an individualised program to assist me in meeting my short and long term goals.

We meet regularly which enables Lisa to closely supervise my exercises to ensure I am performing the tasks correctly. It also gives us the opportunity to assess my progress and add to my routine as required.

The one on one sessions have definitely helped me stay focused and committed to reaching my goals.

And best of all after 8 weeks I know and feel that my fitness level has improved!!

I would highly recommend engaging Lisa to help you start and maintain an enjoyable and rewarding exercise program."

-- Alison Bryant 

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