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Hi there, my name is Lisa Mitchell, I live on the Central Coast in N.S.W with my beautiful family. My passion is helping people find freedom in their lives through health and wellness. I’m a certified health and wellness coach, qualified personal trainer and qualified yoga instructor. Through my studies and also through my own experience I’ve realised that not every exercise program or diet works for every person, so I look at bio-individuality and we work out a program that’s right for you!   

In our initial consultation we will look into your daily life and how we can set goals and put a program in place to help you achieve these goals. I'll be there along side you cheering you on!

This truly is my passion and I love working with people and finding out what makes them shine and just feel good. Having the combination of coaching, personal training and yoga allows me to really develop a program to suit your needs, and if throughout our time together you feel we need to add something extra or your needs change we have that option. 

I look forward to hearing from you and how we can work together creating a life of HEALTH, WELLNESS and FREEDOM.

Working with me will allow you to find balance in your life again. I tailor a program specific to you and your health and wellness goals. 


Want a free 10 minute workout with me right now? See below for some of my go to moves! 

1 min warm up of jogging on the spot or high knees 

Sumo squats

Step ups

Tricep dips

Russian twists

For each exercise 45 seconds on 15 seconds rest 

Repeat circuit twice or if you're feeling energetic go for another round! 

Don't forget to cool down and finish with some static stretches holding the stretch for 15 secs. 

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